Tree Debris Clogged My Gutters

When birds find an ideal place to build a nest and take care of their family, they are going to grab at it quickly. That is what happened with my home. I have a large flat roof, and it was replaced nearly 15 years ago. Having a lot of trees around and a roof that was getting a bit older was ideal for the birds in the area. It is also why I had to look up bird pest control options because I did not want this to turn into a bigger problem than what it was already.

I have dozens of trees around my property. This gave the birds many options for leaves and twigs, which is the bulk of what they use to build their nests. They would carry these items to my roof and set up their own homes there. I don’t mind an occasional nest of birds because I understand about the cycle of life. Watching the little ones can be quite enjoyable too. However, when it starts to interfere with things around the house, it is time for them to relocate somewhere else. The first hint of trouble came when I noticed that my gutters were clogged.

When I got the ladder out so I could clean them, I was surprised at all the tree debris in them. When I looked at my roof and noticed all the debris there for the nests, I knew that I had a problem that could get out of control quickly. I contacted a company that a friend of mine had used. I knew that they had put spikes on his roof to deter the birds from doing this, and it was quite successful. That is what I had done at my house too, and the results were the same. I still have birds around, but I no longer have the bird problem on my roof.