• Which projects does Progressu do?

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    Progressu is all about used food machinery and inventory handling while reviving your machines’ lives and making them fresh and new with their operative scenarios. We handle projects and scenarios concerning machine handling, processing transporting, dismantling, installing, and upgrading. We have ties across the globe and look for every opportunity to serve our customers across the globe. Talking about the projects we handled so far and still in progress, we handled Frigoscandia Gyro Compact Machinery dismantling. We handled two Frigoscandia Gyro Compact M42 Spiral freezers dismantling for our client in spring 2019 at Valencia. Both our dismantling team and our transporter left for Valencia right away and all parts are properly dismantled, after getting everything about safety, were packed in different wooden crates, so that they could be transported back home properly and without any damage. Another project handled involving GEA Cook star Spiral Oven loading in Bad Bergen. In …


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