• Impaired Driving Laws: What Impaired Driving Lawyer Toronto Wants You to Know

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    According to an impaired driving lawyer Toronto, impaired driving laws apply to operators of all motor vehicles, including vessel and aircraft equipment. A motor vehicle is any motorized machine, and this includes golf carts, lawn tractors, motor scooters and ATVs.

    The impaired driving offense applies to operating and also taking care of these machines. During maintenance, you could be charged with an impaired driving offense if you attempted or did an act that could start the machine’s motion. If you happen to be found on the driver’s seat, impaired driving lawyer Toronto says, it is assumed that you were ready to start motion unless you deny that was not your intention.

    1. Main Impaired Driving Offenses
    2. Operating or taking care of a motor vehicle while one is intoxicated

    It is against the law to drive, take care or control a motor vehicle when intoxicated. The person could be …


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